Who has the cheapest auto insurance? People with Driver-less Cars

Imagine getting into your car, giving it an address and then just sitting back while it takes you there.

I know what you’re thinking. ‘Why don’t you just take a cab, or call an Uber?’ I’ll tell you why. Because taking cabs everywhere is expensive, and it leads to unnecessary human interaction. Which I prefer to keep to a minimum.

But speaking of expensive (or more to the point, not expensive). Do you know who has the cheapest auto insurance? Well, pretty soon it’s going to be the owners of driver-less cars, or people with very cheap car insurance no deposit

As the laziest human on the planet, if there’s one thing I want. It’s a car that allows me to literally just sit there and do nothing while it takes me from a to b. You know like a taxi but without the awful small talk part.

Imagine driving into someone’s parked car and being able to say it wasn’t your fault, and not be lying. It’s my dream honestly. I usually have to just drive away before anyone sees what I’ve done. Not that I’m hoping to hit another car at all. It would just be nice not to be the one to blame for once.

But the good news isn’t just for irresponsible drivers like myself. Since the vast majority of accidents are due to human error. It’s good news all round. Driver-less cars take away the most dangerous aspect of road travel. The driver. And replace it with technology. Because we all know that never goes wrong.

The only downside I can see to this new automated development is that for me personally. I see bouts of road rage. Mixing with the kind of rage I get when my computer is running slow or my wifi won’t connect. To form some kind of super-rage in my future.