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Dash Cam Success – Easiest way to get cheaper auto insurance

Dash Cam Success – Easiest way to get cheaper auto insurance

I got rear-ended at some traffic lights this week, and I was absolutely dreading having to call my car insurance. I’ve not had many incidents, but the last bump I had was a complete nightmare – the person who did it tried to claim I was at fault, and the car insurance company I was with at the time really didn’t want to pay out. I must admit, I was a bit worried this time because I’ve had cheap car insurance no deposit. I know that shouldn’t affect the coverage, but I was in such a panic I started to worry that maybe it would. Luckily, dear wife pointed out that I had a dash cam in the rear window – it was her idea, she’d read about it somewhere and insisted we get one for the front and one for the back.

So we check the footage, and guess what? The idiot behind me was on their phone! Sent a copy of the footage through with my claim, and it was so easy. Proof that they were at fault, not me, and their registration number neatly captured on film. Despite my worries about whether opting for the cheaper plan was going to come back to bite me, it was easier than I’d remembered it being and I’ve got the car booked in next week to fix the dents.

Of course, something had to go wrong – dear wife pointed out that I spent the next three days driving around without the dash cam in because I forgot to put it back. Good job I’m a bit of a paranoid driver, because those days went without incident. Still, it’s now firmly back in its place (out of view, since they’re not the cheapest piece of equipment).

Overall, I’m pretty pleased with how this went- I was having nightmares remembering the last time, and it was just so much smoother than I remember it being! Definitely will be sticking with this policy, and the dash cams, and dear wife’s advice in future. Except when it comes to buying a car – she’d have me choose it on color. She might be the organised one, but when it comes to upgrading, I’ll pick the type and she can choose the paint job.