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Finding a good car dealership

Finding a good car dealership

Because finding a good car dealership isn’t easy, I decided to do it in the easiest way possible. I didn’t even try .

Let me explain. I had a lot of success selling my car on a car listing website (this one: a few years back when my mom gave me her old Toyota. It was in better shape than my car so I decided to use it until it fell apart and sell the other one. I barely had to deal with anyone, it was great. It was listed and a few people came to test drive it. I just wanted to get rid of it so I sold it to the third person who came to see it because they offered me $50 more than what I was asking for.

Flash forward to now. The car my mom gave me was in fact now falling apart. It was time to find a new one. I decided that buying a car from an online car listing website was the way to go. The one I used collected information from dealerships and online ads. Basically, if it was listed on the internet for sale, it popped up in my search results. And that made everything so easy.

I browsed for about an hour and had a list of 3 strong prospects so I set up some test drives. One was at a used car dealer in the next town over and 2 were from private sellers. Surprisingly, I ended up going with the one from the dealership. I didn’t think I would because I kind of assumed that car dealerships were trying to pull one over on everyone but they made me a great offer. Plus, the warranty was much better. Namely because it existed. That’s the only thing about a private seller that made me nervous, not much of a warranty.

So, in the end, I did most of the car hunting from my bed in my pajamas and on my phone while riding the subway to work. I avoided the whole thing of visiting different dealers and spending a week avoiding their phone calls. I don’t like to feel pressured when I’m buying something, especially something as large as a car. Doing most of the hunting on my own beforehand really made the whole experience all that much more rewarding for me. Plus, I ended up with a car that I just love.